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Developing Citizen Workshops

CJN identifies an important theme through our journalism work that needs addressing (like domestic violence, citizenship or access to legal representation).

Then we help develop a workshop around one of these themes in one of our communities that:

  • Actively helps people with their legal matters through consultation with lawyers.
  • Connects stakeholders (like Legal-Aid, Pro Bono and Seri) together with our offices and radio stations.
  • Gives helpful speeches and room for engagement.
  • Opportunities to refer cases to relevant partners.

We then interview the people who attended the event to produce more, in-depth stories around these issues.


Workshop: Access to Justice

Osmond Mngomezulu of Pro-Bono providing community members with free legal advice at the clinic after the discussion event (photograph by Mfuneko Toyana)

Read more on our Access to Justice workshop here.


Workshop: Citizenship & Housing


Humphrey Shivamba from The Law Society giving advice on housing issues.

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