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Podcasting CJN Stories

Alibi – radio and podcast series

Alibi is a radio and podcast series that follows a story of a possible wrongful conviction over several weeks. It is influenced by the hit US podcast “Serial” that holds the record for the most downloads of any podcast in history. True-crime podcasts like Alibi are incredibly popular and this takes the format and gives it a truly South African spin.

Alibi was broadcast every Sunday on SAFM at 2.30pm. Articles were written articles for each episode of Alibi for The Daily Maverick. It created interaction and increased the number of listeners.

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Alibi is a new type of ‘event-listening’ for radio in South Africa. Created by award-winning journalists, listeners were compelled by the well-told, documentary style storytelling, with a cliff-hanger at the end of each week. According to our podcasting data people kept coming back.

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Praise for Alibi in the press

In a very short space of time Alibi got attention in the press. It has been praised as being of incredibly high-quality. On Memeburn we made the list of top SA podcasts.
In the Irish Times we made the list for the best new crime podcasts internationally.
We were featured on the Talk Central podcast and featured on Corruption Busters on Chai FM for a full hour.

For all the episodes and more information on the case visit



The Citizen Justice Network features their prominent stories each week on VoW’s Award-Winning show Law Focus. In this way our social justice stories can find an entirely new audience.

With Elna Schutz and Khutso Tsikane.



The CJN team members are qualified, award-winning radio journalists. We have won four MTN radio awards and accolades in radio reporting for health and criminal justice reporting. This allows CJN the freedom to produce content if necessary in-house in Johannesburg.

We see our training as not just about making CJN stories, but in the long-term as being able to build people to be radio producers and to use these skills to benefit themselves.



As a project there is a potential revenue stream in producing high quality radio content for community radio. And we expect to expand our podcasting so our stories can have a great reach.