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South Africans, who are of the right age, more often than we realise enter into binding contracts, sometimes without even realising it.  The problem with entering into a contract is that most do not fully understand the terms of the contracts they enter into prior signing.

Recently, Thozama Dyantyi and Nomsa Phingilili both paralegal journalists from Jersey Farm Advice and Information Centre based in Mthatha Eastern Cape discussed issues relating to the Consumer Protection Act (Contract) to inform educate and advise the residents of Mthatha and its surrounding areas.

Thozama explained that now being towards the festive period most people like to buy furniture and other things. The show is meant to inform the consumers and advise them to fully understand before signing any contract. The show airs at UCR FM on the power talk which starts from 10:30 am – 11 am every Fridays. It is facilitated by presenter Phamela Hlazo.

It is due to the unanticipated debt accumulation and often times as a result of reckless lending and not fully understanding the contract terms, that we have experienced at the Jersey Farm Advice Office stemming from a trend with the clients we serve that we felt the need to inform the community of Mthatha said Thozama. During the show, the paralegal gave advice and explained the basic requirements of entering into a contract, what determines the validity of a contract and many more. To learn more please listen to the audio:

 Jersey Farm Advice and Information Centre is based at the center of Mthatha with a population of 96114 and unemployment rate among young people aged 15 to 34 of around 38%. Jersey Farm Advice and Information Centre provides listeners advice on consumer rights.