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Are you are planning to buy new property, or have applied for an RDP house and don’t know where to start in applying for a title deed, Recently Ficksburg advice centre responding to a local issue with help from CJN came up with a plan to help locals understand what Title deeds are and what are the necessary steps a person should take in order have papers that say the house they stay in belongs to the tenant.

According to reports, one has to get the title deed transferred into your name to prove that you are the owner of the property.You will need the assistance of a lawyer specializing in property transfers (also known as a conveyancer) to help you transfer the title deed into your name.There are numerous Deeds Offices throughout South Africa.In a previous show CJN paralegal –journalist Noma Tshabalala spoke on Setsoto FM about her office in Ficksburg which is in a  town on the border of  Lesotho (near to Bethlehem). It is an area where people feel like there are sparse resources to go around.She invited listeners to come forward with their stories about their unfinished RDP houses. She also encouraged the listeners to be open about the problem so that justice could take place.She said that there is a trend for people to be quiet because they are told by government officials that if they are outspoken then they will lose their house. She assured the listeners that this is not true. “You need to get the first person to come forward without fear. They fear that if they get on the wrong side of a ward councilor then they will have so much taken away,” she said.  In response to this Tshabalala felt the need to educate people so they will not fall victim to fraud. During the show, Tshabalala explained that Each Deeds Office holds a Deeds Registry, containing filed Title Deeds of all the properties in its particular jurisdiction.

All the Deeds Registries are linked to a computer network. Your estate agent can, via a computer-linked facility from his office, examine any Title Deed (registered from 1980) in the country’s combined Deeds Registry, she further explained. To get the who story listen to the audio