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CJN has been looking for ways to duplicate their unique and highly successful model of combining paralegals and radio stations in a different African country.

The social justice problems that we address through advice, story telling and education are universal and we have long since understood that huge benefit could be reaped from reaching out and setting up a CJN operation in Kenya, Mozambique or Zimbabwe. The new area would receive our brand of quality and well-researched content and we would have the opportunity to see how different radio and paralegal sectors work and bring these learnings back to South Africa.

Now, thanks to HiiL we have been given the chance to assess which nearby country would be best suited for the launch of CJN #2.

We conducted an assessment of three countries: Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Kenya. After a great deal of consideration we chose Kenya. Here are the next steps:

  1. We have established a relationship with Kenya Community Media Network. They have offered to guide us through this process and make sure that we start with the most appropriate and receptive radio stations.
  2. We have made contact with one of the organizing bodies for community paralegals in the country, the Legal Resources Foundation Trust. There are more than 3000 community paralegals in Kenya (by contrast there are 6500 lawyers).
  3. We are planning a trip to Nairobi and the surrounding areas in early October.

Please keep checking our blog for updates on how we plan to expand the Citizen Justice Network into other countries.